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So, it’s October 25, 2014 and I have just submitted what feels like my 20th job application. You know I’m starting to get the hang of this thing… I’m not enjoying it but I have mastered the art of applying for jobs with great optimism being instilled within my mind. However, there is a catch…

I graduate on the 13th of December, so a little more than a month from today, and I can not help but to worry. I am a Believer and I know that He will supply all of my needs but this transition has snuck up on me and not in the most romantic way. It feels like I should have all of my ducks in a row and truth be told, at this very moment I do not. It gets really frustrating when there are people who are at or near the same age as me and they have so much going for themselves. However, what frustrates me more than anything is how comfortable they are with where they are in their lives. They are complacent with mediocrity and it bothers me because they are capable of so much more. I fear that I will metamorphose into that individual. The individual who settles for simplicity in life when I am capable of moving mountains.

As a christian, I understand that worry, fear, and comparison are not qualities that we are equipped with to walk in this world. But, in that very same sentence I am human and I am at a constant battle with my heart and mind. I have to believe that God’s favor will continue to reign over my life and that I will fulfill his will over my life and not my own. I just pray that I learn how to differentiate between the two and not fight against his purpose for me. As of right now, I just hope that I’m not saying, “Can I take your order?” or “Would you like fries with that?” post-graduation…

Pray for me, as I will continue to Pray for you. Peace and Blessings to all.


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