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Moving Forward.

Life tends to have a habit of throwing curve balls our way. When I started out as a freshmen in college, it seemed as if I had the whole world in my hands and figured out. At the time, I knew exactly what I wanted to be and the kind of person I wanted to be. I never really worried about falling in love or finding someone because I guess I kind of knew that it would just happened. It wasn’t a big concern to me because I never truly fell in love. Yet, things changed once I actually fell in love and experienced heart break. It was like I had to start over and rediscover myself because I lost myself in someone who wasn’t willing to give apart of themselves to me in return. You know that’s life we all make mistakes and no matter how much it hurts and sometimes upsets me I have to continue moving forward.

By moving forward, I have to rediscover and find what is it exactly that makes me happy. What will fill this emptiness that I’ve been feeling more than often here lately? What will make my future self proud of the past self? But most importantly, before I can do any of these things in moving forward I have to master the most important step, which is the first step and that is LETTING GO. For whatever reason, my pride gets in the way like it can undo the past but it can not. Many times we think that if we hold on to something or the hope that it can change that it will change but in reality it will not. Holding on to past pains, lovers, dreams, failures, and even anger does nothing but hold us back even further and delays the process of us fulfilling our purpose here on in the world. They are nothing but mere distractions.

Hold on to the notion that you are amazing, divine, unique, and so many other things. You are much bigger than the feeling of not being good enough. You are wise enough to know that there is no need to ask why something had to happen, just know that it did and it is to mold you into the best you. Some say love comes and goes but I disagree, love in its purest, unconditional form goes nowhere. It stays. It stays in our hearts, our eyes, our sincerity, and compassion. Never believe that because someone walked out on you that you should no longer love those around you. Love is a shared gift that one can never have too much of. Give it to the poor and give it to the rich. But whatever you do, let go of all the dead weight that is holding you back from giving. The world deserves your gift but most importantly, you, yourself deserves your gift more than anyone else in this world does.







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