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21 Wine Getting Better with Time

September 12, 2013 I woke up to my 21st year of being on this great planet we call Earth. It amazes me that I have been down, up, left, right, and yet I’m still here shining bright as the day I first opened my eyes. I have been through constant changes ever since I have step foot into college. Although, some were for bad, most were for good, I would not change not one experience (okay maybe two lol). Nonetheless, I have and will continue to evolve into the great being I am destined to be. My heart is filled with so much love and gratefulness, not even God himself could take it away. Why? Because he lives in me, I never make the right choices, I am always falling short and yet somehow…. He still continues to manifest blessings into my life. The only way this could be possible is through his very presence in my life. My power, my strength, my peace, my wisdom, it all resides in him. I am no saint, but I just can’t help but to be appreciative of his mindfulness. Because of this I know that my heartaches, shortcomings, and struggles will never be in vain. Watch him continue to work on this masterpiece and if he decides he is done with it, I can not be upset because he has already done monumental things in my life. Beyond Grateful!!!


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