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It’s Been a Long Time…

 I have completely neglected this blog over the course of the past few months but a lot has occurred within the past year. My grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and after a short battle he was laid to rest peacefully in May. I decided to spend my summer break with my grandmother to keep her company and work while staying there. Well, lets just say wifi does not move expeditiously down there. Also, I was blessed enough to see the islands of Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and Grand Turk for the first time! (Pics that document this will up and running soon). Things have been bittersweet we are all still blessed nonetheless. 

In more current news, today marks the first day of my semester as a “senior”. Even though I am scheduled to graduate in the Fall of 2014, it is still exciting and empowering to know that I have come this far by faith. The past three years has not been the easiest but I do know things could have been way worse. However, I am determined to remain focused on my studies this go around,  so that I can start studying my true passion. It’s amazing that it took all this time for me to find my purpose but better late than never. As I embark on this closing journey of my undergrad years I vow to hold on to my peace, joy, happiness, but most importantly my love. I will also hold on to my three favorite words to push through all of this and they are: Possibilities are Endless!


Until next time, 



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