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Mental Melodies

As I sit in the library while I’m supposed to be doing homework I have drifted off into that beautiful place that only beautiful music can take you to. Not to sound old or anything but I find it such a tragedy that my generation and those to come have not found the beauty in REAL SOUL music. From Frankie Beverly, The Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Rufus & Chaka Khan, all the way to present day Ledisi & Sade (to name a few). The feelings that they bring makes you take pride in being who you are and the way God created you. Now it seems like anything goes no matter how degrading it is and the sad part is people actually enjoy and support it. For once, I just wish people could feel the confidence, happiness, and peace that soulful music can bring to you. I wish they could visualize themselves in a place that they never imagined in their minds doing all the things that their hearts desire. I say all this to say, Music is Powerful. It influences how we think, talk and even react. So how exactly are you leading your mind?


Few Good Mental Melodies:

Rufus & Chaka Khan – Do you love what you feel

Debarge – I like it

Gap Band – Outstanding

Gil Scott Heron – Take Care

John Coltrane – In a sentimental Mood 

Al Green – Unchained Melody

Jill Scott – The Way

Daley – Pretty Wings Cover

Allen Stone – Better off this way

Allen Stone – Unaware

Floetry – It’s Getting Late

Ledisi – Alright

Sade – By your side *** 

Justin Nozuka – After Tonight

Erykah Badu – My Life

Erykah Badu – Orange Moon

India Arie – Beautiful Flower

Kem – Love Calls 

Adele – Crazy for you

Lauryn Hill – Nothing Even Matters

Maxwell – Whenever, Whereever, Whatever ***

Marsha Ambrosius – Your Hands

Have a sweet escape 🙂


Much love,

– thefemaleLu


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