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Happy New Year!




Well, it’s another year with new expectations, more anticipations, and high hopes. The older you get the more you seem to be appreciative of life and all it has to offer. With that being said, we try to make changes in our lives by vowing to change a certain habit we possess to become a better person (hint: the “New Year’s Resolution”). I am not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions simply because they fade away long before we even make it halfway into the year. A new year does not necessarily mean change it shows victory because we managed to survive and conquer a new year with all its joy, pain, laughter, ups, and downs. Most importantly it shows GROWTH and PROGRESS. We can only truly change ourselves when we are ready and truly willing to commit. Just a thought. But I am looking forward to experience new challenges, meeting new people, but mainly continuing the same smiles.

(Off Topic) I have not yet posted my bucket list because it is always changing but I MUST, no I WILL  see this man in concert, especially since an album is anticipated to drop this year! Maxwell’s voice mimics the sounds of heaven, Im convinced!




But nonetheless, let’s all strive to be the best individual that God has created us to be. Let’s continue to pass love to one another especially where there is hate. Embrace change when it presents itself and let’s get excited about all the possibilities that life has to offer; after all they make waking up each day that much more precious to us.




Much love,



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